We believe very strongly in the power of a story.

You are going to hear us say this word a lot but only because it is the foundation of our work and part of our core philosophy. The reason we love story so much is because it is
an amazingly powerful tool to connect with people.

One of the main challenges for businesses is connecting with people. Not just any people, loyal and passionate people. It’s not just simply how great a product is that gets people to camp for days awaiting the new iPhone, these people want to be part of something they believe in. This is the power of story, of expressing that deeper reason behind all that you do. That starts with clearly communicating what your business is all about; your story.

“People don’t want more information.
They are up to their eyeballs in information. They want faith;
faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell.”

– Annette Simmons


Story is the retelling of events, real or imagined, usually from one perspective.
Story is the point of connection between you and the people you serve, it’s your passion, the heart behind what you do.

Story predates language; it is at the core of the human experience. It is the most effective means of emotional human connection. Homo Sapiens have been regaling each other with stories since the dawn of time; around the flickering light of the campfire, on the grand stage, and through the projection on the silver screen.

Story has the ability to penetrate at a much deeper level, in fact, it’s rooted in biology. Take a look at our brains; the newest part of our brain, the outer layer, is the Neocortex. This is where all rational and analytical thought is processed and it is responsible for language.

The middle two sections make up our Limbic brains and our responsible for all of our feelings, like trust and loyalty. The Limbic brains are also responsible for all human behavior, all decision making, and have no capacity for language.

You see, story stems from the Limbic brain and correlates with the “why”. When you tell a story you bypass all rational thought and go straight for the feelings, or rather, the heart. We do this, not with the intent to deceive or manipulate, but to inspire. To take that which is in darkness and bring it into the light.

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

– Simon Senek

Honestly, people don’t care what you do, people care about why. Why you do what you do. So when you tell your story, and you start with your passion, your heart, your why. you’re connecting people on an emotional level and they start to believe in you. And that is why we love stories so much.


Dark to Light was forged from the belief that everyone has a story to tell and we want to help bring that story to light. We know the most powerful way to do that is to show rather than tell, and that’s why we create through visual mediums.

Founded in 2012 with the desire to see small business thrive in our small town, we continually strive to better ourselves and our work by pushing our boundaries creatively and technologically.

Armed with years of experience and motivated by our passion we get to tell the awesome stories of local businesses in the most authentic way and connect them with an equally passionate audience.

we inspire the heart
to move the mind.


Meet the creative minds of Dark to Light

Portrait of Tyler Hendricks



Portrait of Ben Figueiredo



Portrait of Tom Watters



Portrait of Jordan Baker



"I’ve been working with Tyler and Ben for about five years now, making short videos about every exhibition here at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. As someone who is not exactly comfortable on camera, I always feel at ease working with them and appreciate the fact that they are happy to shoot as many takes as I need to get things right. Most importantly, they do a phenomenal job of taking about 20 minutes of footage of me talking about an exhibition and distilling it down to the essential story. They are great cameramen and great editors. It’s a pleasure to work with both of them."


Courtney Gilbert

Curator of Visual Arts, The Center

"Dark to Light brought my website to life: katcannell.com They listened to what I wanted, worked with my budget and made it happen!! If you are looking for someone to take your ideas and visually bring them to life, while keeping up with current designs, then I highly recommend choosing them to create your web page!"

Kat Cannell Portrait

Kat Cannell


"We needed a clean web site that communicated accurately to who we are and what we do as a multi faceted sign company. Dark to Light accomplished this and has contributed images that support the work we do best. We highly recommend Dark to Light!!"


Troy Larsen

Owner, Windy City Arts

"Strong listening, prompt communications using thoughtful and professional guidance is what Tyler Hendricks brings to video production. I would recommend Tyler and Dark to Light Productions without hesitation for his photographic eye, attention to detail and graphic work."


Patti Lousen

Project Coordinator, Wood River Land Trust

"These guys are terrific and the REAL DEAL! Easy to work with, creative, flexible and impeccable. The work they have created for Company of Fools and The Center - has helped raise awareness within our community to the full scope of work we do! Doesn’t get better then that!!"

Denise Simone Headshot

Denise Simone

Core Company Artist, Company of Fools


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