Creative Studio Rental

$60/hour for consistent or personal use

One-Time Commercial or Agency Pricing Available Upon Request

Our Creative Studio is a vision and a solution from the last 8 years of us running into a constant hurdle: “where can we shoot this project??”
And we heard from countless other creatives, photographers, videographers, artists that they had the same problem; no creative spaces in the Wood River valley!
Our hope for the space is that it can be utilized by all of us to create, share, and inspire. To help businesses grow and provide more value to their customers. If you have a project you’d like to use the creative studio for, please reach out to book a time or stop by to see it in person!


  • Photography: Portraits, Headshots, lifestyle, Product Photography, etc.
  • Video: Talking heads, Interviews, Product Video, Commercial, Etc.
  • Live Streaming. Single or Multi-Camera packages
  • Podcast recording, Audio only or Audio + Video (Ask us about our Podcast packages)
  • Small Workshops/Classes

Studio Rental Includes:

✔ Seamless Paper Backdrops ($5/ft for damaged paper we need to replace)
✔ Sandbags
✔ C-stands
✔ 8 foot ladder
✔ 1 video light & stand (depending on availability)
✔ 1 light modifier of your choice (depending on availability)
✔ 30″ 5-in-1 Reflector
✔ Wi-Fi
✔ Use of studio props/decor
✔ Misc. clamps, stingers, etc.
✔ Apple HomePod Mini to set the mood


  • Studio space is approx. 520 square feet.
  • Natural light through 2 windows with blackout curtains.
  • Please note any projects done with live music or loud sounds(drums, guitar, etc.) We share our building with other businesses and must respect their space. If you’re needing to be super loud, call and ask about after hours or weekend availability.
  • Though outside noise levels are minimal, This is not a sound proof studio

(click image to enlarge)

Seamless Background Options:

All backdrops are 107" wide. If you need a full floor covering with the backdrop, let us know when you book so we can check to make sure we have enough length. If you need a color we don't have, let us know we are adding to our collection and can order the color you need.

Half/Full Day Rates available for studio as well as lighting and camera equipment.



Got an exciting project to create?!