Video Production

Why use Video?

Films and videos are the most powerful forms of visual marketing. There is no better way to reach an audience. It engages people on an emotional level that helps them connect with you and builds trust.

We believe that, above all, people care about people. And telling an authentic, engaging story is the best way to connect with people. And that’s where we recommend you start.


Once you are ready to create a video for your business, we will begin our discovery process. This is where we dig deep, and listen for the story that needs to be told. We get to know your business, what you do and why you do it, on an intimate level. We want to know the ins and outs, talk to people whose lives have been changed and meet with those who work with you. All this to discover the heart of your story.


Once we discover the heart of your story, we begin the pre-production process. Through this process we will work closely with you to develop the story that we will tell, what the goal of the video is and where it will be most effective. Together, we will decide on the main plot points that express the purpose of your story.


After the story is developed and our purpose defined, we begin the video production. We shoot interviews and film our characters in the places that are relevant to the story. We make critical style decisions like lighting, framing, camera movement, and overall look of the film.

Post Production

And now that all the footage has been captured, it’s time to take it to the editing room; this is post-production. Since we already had our story built before we even picked up a camera, we can get right to work assembling all the audio and video we captured into an epic story. A story hardly ever comes together exactly as we outlined, but that’s a good thing. The story always develops further with each step and as story elements present themselves to us along the way. Together we will edit and tweak the story to make it exactly what it needs to be to achieve our purpose.

Delivery + Marketing

So now we have a fully produced video ready to tell the story of your business, but what now? How do you get it out to the masses that are just clamoring for more content? Delivery and Marketing. We deliver your video in several different formats all primed for web and social media distribution (other formats available upon request). We can also guide you through best practices and platforms to market your video to get the best reach and the most views. We want the film to be a success, and we know that your investment can continue to payoff if marketed right.

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“These guys are terrific and the REAL DEAL! Easy to work with, creative, flexible and impeccable. The work they have created for Company of Fools and The Center - has helped raise awareness within our community to the full scope of work we do! Doesn’t get better then that!!”

Denise Simone Headshot

Denise Simone

Core Company Artist, Company of Fools

“We have partnered with Dark to Light since 2016 and could not be more pleased with their professionalism, skills, ease to work with and of course, the end product which is always top notch! I always wonder how we are going to top last year’s video and then BAM - they do it again. Because of Tyler and his team, we have been able to tell our story at the Senior Connection, raise more awareness and raise more funds to support our important mission, program and services. The Dark to Light team has become a big and important part of our family! We absolutely love them - personally and professionally!”


Teresa Beahen Lipman

Executive Director, The Senior Connection

“This was Blaine County Title’s first experience using a production company for any sort of advertising and I couldn’t have been happier with the professionalism, efficiency and quality of the team at Dark to Light. Super happy with the final product! We’ll definitely be using them again in the future!”


Daryl Fauth

President/Partner, Blaine County Title

"I’ve been working with Tyler and Ben for about five years now, making short videos about every exhibition here at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. As someone who is not exactly comfortable on camera, I always feel at ease working with them and appreciate the fact that they are happy to shoot as many takes as I need to get things right. Most importantly, they do a phenomenal job of taking about 20 minutes of footage of me talking about an exhibition and distilling it down to the essential story. They are great cameramen and great editors. It’s a pleasure to work with both of them."


Courtney Gilbert

Curator of Visual Arts, SVMoA

"Strong listening, prompt communications using thoughtful and professional guidance is what Tyler Hendricks brings to video production. I would recommend Tyler and Dark to Light Productions without hesitation for his photographic eye, attention to detail and graphic work."


Patti Lousen

Project Coordinator, Wood River Land Trust