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Podcasts have become ubiquitous in this day and age. They are one of the most effective ways to communicate directly with your audience and village.

Because of this, you may be considering starting your own podcast to get your foot in the digital media door. If you aren't a celebrity who has 15 sponsors and a staff hired before you start recording your first podcast, where do you start?

At Dark to Light. Our Creative Studio is the perfect place to launch a podcast, interview a special guest, host a podcast from a different location, or cut your editing workload in half. We'll get to know a bit about your brand, customize the set to match your style, record your podcast with video and/or audio, live edit as we go, and deliver you with your completed files before you step out the door.

Podcasting just got so much easier.


We’ll have an introductory conversation to establish the key elements of your podcast. Subject matter, tone, vibe, branding, in-person, remote, etc. This will help us create the perfect set up for your recording.

Set Design

Now that we know the direction you’re headed, it’s time to set up the podcast area. You can sit at a table, at a desk, interview your guest on a couch, the sky’s the limit! We’ll ensure that the visual tone is perfectly suited to your brand and conversation style.


It’s time to record your podcast! Sit back, relax, and have an in-depth conversation about your topic while we handle the live-editing and monitoring of audio and video. With our capable producers at the wheel, all you have to do is talk.

Finalize & Upload

With one of our producer’s at the helm, your podcast will be edited in real time. This means that by the time you’re ready to leave, you’ll have the files you need in hand and ready to upload. No waiting for weeks to get your audio and video files.


Finally, our team at Dark to Light is happy to help with the marketing of your podcast. We can establish your website, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. We’re able to help you maintain consistent branding across platforms and push your content out to the audience that wants to have it.

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