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Your website doesn’t have to stink.

Online is where it’s at! Nearly everyone has a desktop computer at home and when they leave their house they carry around a miniature computer right their own pocket. With 24 hour access, nothing has connected people in such a way like the information superhighway we call the internet.

Yes, most everyone has a website already and you probably have one yourself. But simply having one doesn’t cut it. It needs to stand out, be the cream of the crop, and yes, most importantly; tell your story.

Our Process


Once you are ready to create a website for your business, we will begin our discovery process. This is where we dig deep, and listen for the story that needs to be told. We get to know your business, what you do and why you do it, on an intimate level. We become familiar with your branding, your verbiage, how you want people to perceive your business.

Content Creation

Before we talk about how the website will look or function, we need to know what info we we are going to be displaying, this is your content. Think of it as the skeleton of your website. Content is the words, images, videos, links, etc. that make up your site. We will also determine how and where to implement SEO so that your site is more easily found by the people looking. Once the base content is approved we can move into the design phase and make it look epic.


We understand the need to have an easy to use and great looking website. One that not only functions well, but fits into your branding. A clean design that doesn’t scare people away but draws them in. How people view your digital media is how they view you, and a website is no exception. It’s like a window into the soul of your business.

Before we start writing any code, We will work with you to decide on a look and feel for your website. Colors, styles, images, layout. This is the overall design that will guide all our decisions when crafting the website.


Now that the design has been laid out, we can finally get into that geeky coding stuff we love so much and actually start the building process. Development is the merging of the Content and the Design and making it all work. Throughout this process we will be testing the site with you to make sure you are happy with the functionality and how it’s all coming together.


Once the site is complete, looking sexy and functioning properly, we launch it onto the internets for the world to see and fall in love with your business. We will help guide you with some SEO best practices, marketing tips, and how to keep people coming back to your website and your business.

Revel in Glory

Your brand new site is out for the world to see. Now just kick back, grab a drink and watch the money role in. Just kidding, Get back to work.

“But how could you live and have no story to tell?”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

SEO Built-In

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is key to helping people find you on the internets. We work hard to make sure you stand out among your competitors.

User Friendly

Smart. Simple. Fast. What else can we say? Oh, how about, Awesome!

Mobile Friendly

Smart phones are all the rage these days, being able to find your site on the go could be the difference between watching your sales grow or packing up shop. Your site will be available whenever and wherever.

Social Media Integration

Sharing is caring. When your audience cares enough to share your content with their friends they’ll want it to be simple. And it is.

Modern Design

It isn’t 2009 anymore and nobody likes a website that thinks it is. You’ll get a sleek, up-to-date design that fits with your branding and is undeniably you.

Gluten Free

That’s right. Our websites are completely, 100% free of that pesky gluten. So you can sleep soundly tonight. Sweet Dreams.

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Recent Web Design

"Dark to Light brought my website to life: They listened to what I wanted, worked with my budget and made it happen!! If you are looking for someone to take your ideas and visually bring them to life, while keeping up with current designs, then I highly recommend choosing them to create your web page!"

Kat Cannell Portrait

Kat Cannell


"We needed a clean web site that communicated accurately to who we are and what we do as a multi faceted sign company. Dark to Light accomplished this and has contributed images that support the work we do best. We highly recommend Dark to Light!!"


Troy Larsen

Owner, Windy City Arts