Web Design & Video Series

Fitness for Us

Whenever we create a website our main goal is for it to be user-friendly on every device. To present all the information in an exciting and easy to process way.

We want to draw people in and lead them on journey through the site. When they first land on the Home page they should immediately get what the business is all about and with every click they gain a deeper appreciation and love for who you are.


We were approached by Monique from Fitness for Us to develop and design a subscription based website that allowed users to access free information, yet also allow paying members to access a full fitness guide including videos and graphic files. Essentially helping her develop and start this business from scratch. The website needed to be designed for a wide range of audiences from the young tech savvy individuals to an older generation with less modern computer knowledge. It needed to be simple to use and navigate, and also allow room from growth and expansion. With Monique’s incredible branding skills and our design and development, we know this website has a bright future and are always excited to see new members logging in daily.

Membership-Only Training Video Series

A major part of helping develop Fitness for Us was the video series, accessed by annual membership. So far, we have created 5 workout videos with unique branding to fully fit the design flow of the website. Each video is about 25 minutes long and has its own unique color branding (text and graphics) depending on the color of outfit Monique wore for her videos. Also! We must give credit where its due, Monique fully developed the setting for her workout space and made it look incredible.

Some of the production details consisted of one full day of shooting the videos, one half day of recording the voiceover, and plenty of editing and music selection for post.

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