Rebrand & Web Design

Hailey Coffee Co

Whenever we create a website our main goal is for it to be user-friendly on every device. To present all the information in an exciting and easy to process way.

We want to draw people in and lead them on journey through the site. When they first land on the Home page they should immediately get what the business is all about and with every click they gain a deeper appreciation and love for who you are.

Logo Design

When Hailey Coffee Co asked us to design their new logo we new we had to modernize it, introduce some style, but at the same time keep it true to the brand.
Our designer, Artem Bukhontsov, did incredible work with the new logo down to the hand-drawn coffee mug. We wanted to make sure that the word COFFEE was prominent so you could see the sign driving by and knew right away what it was. HCC is both a Café and a Roaster so we wanted to express both those things in the logo, We settled on the coffee mug, which was an element in the old logo, and adding to coffee beans as well.

Product Photography

Taking photographs of food is no easy task. But we approached the Hailey Coffee Co product shoot knowing that we wanted to be authentic to the food we were presenting.
We didn’t want to dress it up to make it look better than what you would get if you ordered it and, as you can see, we didn’t have to.

People connect with people

This is a fundamental belief that drives our creative process. That’s why whenever we work with a business we make sure to tell the story of the people who run it. When we do “headshots” like this one, we want to show their personality, who they are and what they do and the environment they work and play in. Typical corporate headshots just have a staleness to them that’s so uninviting. With every element we want to communicate the brand values of the business, after all, you are your brand.
Santos Serva, Owner of Hailey Coffee Co

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